CF FF SIZES 24X12 TO 24X24
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Utilizing integral compression clips, the unique design allows for a convenient and simple filter replacement without sacrificing the integrity of the filter seal or compromising indoor air quality. An air-filter holding frame for built-up bank HVAC systems.

•16-gauge all-welded galvanized steel construction.

•A ¾-inch sealing flange with a premium replaceable gasket to ensure no air bypass between the frame and the air filter header. The gasket includes an overlapping seal to eliminate air bypass at the frames’ corners.

•Final filter and prefilter compression tabs facilitate a clear snap-in-place seal for the final filter and a secure hold for the prefilter.

•The compression tabs are easily replaceable should the air quality requirements of the application change.

•Centering dimples, an integral part of the frame, assist in the alignment of the final or prefilter.

•Pre-drilled frame- to-frame installation holes

•Allows fast and secure built-up filter bank assemblies up to six filters high by any number of filters wide.