OPTIPAC 95% 24X12X04

CF OPTI95% 24X12X04 MFG #: PN#855148022
$107.00 / each
  • Bin Location: 23D001
  • Description


Compact, space-saving 4″ deep high efficiency air filters.

  • Incorporates a wet-laid micro fine glass media in a Close-Pleat™ design for optimum airflow, low system air resistance, and extended service life.
  • Maintains its efficiency throughout its life in an HVAC system.
  • Has the lowest pressure drop of any fine fiber 4″ deep mini-pleated filter.
  • Includes thermoplastic resin separators ensuring full use of media area and uniform airflow through the filter.
  • Pressure drop increases are minimized resulting in a lower average energy cost.
  • Includes a high wet-strength beverage board frame that is resistant to moisture. The frame is bonded to the media around the entire periphery to eliminate air bypass.
  • Has diagonal support members on the air-entering and air-exiting sides ensuring filter pack rigidity. The diagonal support members are bonded to the apex of each media pleat to ensure pleat and media stability and assist in providing a strong and durable filter enclosure.
  • Guaranteed against media pack failure to 5.0″ w.g.
  • Expensive filter blowouts are eliminated and system cleanliness and integrity are maintained.
Available in a variety of sizes for virtually any application