Issaquah Middle School #6


Issaquah Middle School #6


Ruskin - Fire Smoke & Backdraft, Price Industries - Single Duct Terminal Units, High Performance Fan Coils, GRD’s, Silencers & Chilled Beams. Loren Cook – Fans. Marley - Unit Heaters, Ductsox, Hart & Cooley - Stacks


The new 144,822 square-foot space becomes the latest addition to Issaquah Middle School’s. This design/build high performance space was built to relieve congestion in the other Issaquah Middle Schools leaving comfort as a high priority.


ACI’s engineering and sales team worked diligently with the engineer and contractor to employ Price Industries Chilled Beams and GRD’s into the classrooms. The low profile Linear Active Chilled Beam helps for an easy install and allows for versatility in the throw pattern to optimize comfort in the space. The Radial Twist Diffuser are a quiet solution easily paired with VAV applications to maximize comfort.